Roadside Assistance


Wider Protection, Greater Assurance
Whether it’s breakdowns, accidents or other untoward vehicular occurrences, Perfect Rider Plus Insurance combines with existing comprehensive motor insurance policies to provide added peace-of-mind and financial support both for drivers and passengers.


Are You Eligible?
Perfect Rider Plus Insurance is available to Private Vehicle owners aged 17 years and above.


Perfectly Tuned to Your Needs
Understanding the burden that motorists face in the wake of an accident or breakdown, Perfect Rider Plus Insurance incorporates thoughtfully-crafted benefits to cover most eventualities.


On-Call Assistance
Don’t break down if you have a breakdown; we offer 24-hour Vehicle Breakdown Assistance and Towing Service anywhere within Malaysia. You also gain access to unlimited toll charges, so feel free to call our toll-free number at 1800 88 3833 for professional assistance.


Making Allowances Beyond the Road
Perfect Rider Plus Insurance comes with Bereavement Allowance, which pays double the sum insured should the Policyholder succumb to selected serious ailments such as Ebola, SARS, Chikungunya, Malaria, Dengue and Japanese Encephalitis.


Total Loss Made Bearable
Perfect Rider Plus provides Compassionate Allowance for vehicle total loss due to vehicle collision or theft*. Reflecting an understanding for local conditions, it also awards Compassionate Flood Expenses any one incident / any one period of insurance.
* Covered if named Vehicle's Motor Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance is insured with AmGeneral


Affordable & Comprehensive
Premiums start from just RM88 per year, and children enjoy the same limit as adults on applicable benefits. Additionally, Policyholders enjoy Double Indemnity, or multiplied payments of Sum Insured for covered incidents, for accidents or occurrences on Malaysian National holidays.


You’re Ready to Be Covered!
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